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The New Alternative To Faux Painting
By S Callender, Fri Dec 9th

Faux painting over the past few years has been the "new thing"in interior design. It allows the interior designer, or anyonewho wants to put a fresh new appearance on a wall, to achieve aunique look.

For those who have tried Faux painting, you will know that theend result depends entirely on the ability of the painter.Sometimes it looks great and sometimes it doesn't.

The difficult part about Faux painting is that you really won'tknow what the end result will look like until you are finished,and by that point it's too late. If you want to attempt to get abetter result, you'll have to start all over again.

For this reason, among others, Wallpaper is quickly growing inpopularity with interior designers and consumers. Wallpapertoday incorporates new designs and technology that make it afirst choice for many.

Wallpapers are incorporating texture, colors, and fibers thatwere not available 2 to 3 years ago. Additionally, wallpapershave even been designed and are available to consumers that canconceal cracked walls, imitate a number of surfaces, and evenallow the hanging process to take place without the need forpaste or adhesive application.

Probably the most important development in recent wallpaperdesign


is the trend of manufactures to produce wallpaper that isresistant to curling, seams that don't come separated, and isremovable simply by pulling it from the wall.

According to at least one interior designer, what this means forthe consumer is "a clean finish and appearance that lends itselfto any theme or style the client is interested in. It alsoallows the client to change the look of a room virtuallyovernight and as often as they like with minimal removalexpense."

Those who decide to do-it-themselves also benefit by easilyincorporating colors and themes within hours of starting aproject, not days or weeks.

Here are the top 5 reasons why consumers are choosing wallpaperover other methods of wallcovering-

1. New wallpapers allow for fast and simple installation - anentire project can be completed within a couple of hours notdays

2. Those with no experience in hanging wallpaper can achieveprofessional looking results.

3. New wallpaper can be quickly taken off the wall withoutdamaging the wall. As in the past, scraping and sanding are notrequired.

4. New wallpapers come in a huge range of style, textures andcolors not previously used by wallpaper manufactures allowingthe consumer to create just about any theme or look they desire.

5. Most new wallpapers are designed to be cleaned with minimaleffort, something that cannot be done with painted surfaces.

For more information on new ranges of wallpaper that are hittingthe market, or the latest in wallpapering instructions, checkout

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